• Breathing Techniques

    Overcoming Rumination: Take a 16 Second Time-In

    “The moment you realize you’re ruminating, say your phrase, close your eyes and watch your breath as you take a long, slow, deep breath in. Watch it go down into your belly. And when it gets there, hold the breath into the count of four and continue to watch it as it sits inside. Then, release it and observe the exhale as it moves up your chest, into your throat and back out through your nostrils. And then hold the breath out and witness it as it dissipates into the air. That’s into the count of 4; hold to the count of 4; release it to the count of 4, and hold it out to the count of 4. All the while watching it, witnessing it, observing it. Then open your eyes, breathe normally and move on.” ~davidji