"It is a great privilege and honor to recommend to you Marlena Niemann, who I recently certified as a ‘Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher.' She’s a magnificent expression of this timeless wisdom and I wholeheartedly recommend that you seek her out, learn from her and connect to the stillness and silence that rests within. She's a brilliant guide to take you there." ~davidji

Real Testimonials

"Thank you Marlena for doing such a beautiful job, especially on such short notice. It was absolutely perfect!" ~N.M.

"Your participation in this morning's yoga class was critically important - it set the tone for the next hour, grounded us in our why, emphasized compassion, and spoke beautifully as to the SYHC. I am glad we decided to go rogue and incorporate you into the program. Truly beautiful. I am so very grateful to your reaching out to me, and helping this morning be everything it could be. Many thanks." ~Y.S.W.M.

"Your hard work, dedication and support of the mission at SYHC inspire all of us! Thank you, thank you!" ~M.H.

"This morning's yoga experience at the Del was completely transformational -- the presence of resilient supporters/ donors, volunteers and donations in the drizzle along with the beautiful meditation  warmed/ melted my heart so much--Thank you for your leadership and joining us in implementing our mission and helping the most vulnerable receive vital healthcare services!" ~A.M.

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